ViThera Pharmaceuticals is an early stage biotech company located in the life-science cluster at One Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA. Our scientists harness the synthetic potential of bacteria to produce therapeutic molecules within the body to develop a revolutionary new treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Our research combines the natural benefits of probiotics with the power of synthetic biology to create game-changing, novel therapeutics for chronic diseases. EnLact® strains are engineered lactic acid and probiotic bacteria which express beneficial proteins and modulate disease within the patient's body. Our lead program, VT301 uses EnLact® technology to treat the inflammatory bowel disease, and is currently in pre-clinical development.

Our close collaboration with prominent academic researchers developing the EnLact® in the United States and in Europe concept puts us at the cutting edge of biologic therapy. Strong proof of concept data supports the novel biology behind VT301 and we are currently conducting translational studies in human tissues in partnership with a large pharmaceutical company. The EnLact® strains in VT301 express human anti-inflammatory proteins that act locally on the inflamed mucosa and avoid systemic side effects.

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