Laboratory Contract Services

ViThera Pharmaceuticals sister company, Cambridge Biolabs offers contract services that have several advantages over their competitors. Our convenient Kendall Square location allows for easier access, oversight and faster turn-around time. Clients appreciate that they only need to walk across the street to check up on a project. Our experience and independence give us valuable perspective. Our team of drug discovery and development experts offers consulting on topics ranging from cancer biology and microbiology to RNAi therapeutics and drug delivery. Cambridge Biolabs comprises a fully equipped molecular and cellular biology laboratory and a license to conduct recombinant DNA research.

Our labs are organized to execute fast, early stage support to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Use our capacity for comprehensive project-based solutions. CBL handles projects as simple as running an overflow of western blots and as thorough as lead identification/optimization and pipeline development.

CBL's scientists have verified and validated new technologies and drug candidates as the associated IP transitioned from academia to industry and from company to company. Whether you are in Venture Capital or Business Development, use us as an independent third party to confirm a result's reproducibility before committing your investment. Those who hire contract research organizations (CROs) already know the benefits of getting answers without hiring more employees or setting up new labs. Why deal with HR or gamble with recruiters when you can just reach out to experienced and resourceful pre-existing organizations for the support you need? Come see our labs today.

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Currently available services include:
Drug development consulting (discovery stage through clinical stage)

  • Experts in RNAi-based drug development
  • High Throughput Scrrening capability.
  • Regulatory advice, focused on biologics drug development

Standard wet laboratory assays:

Protein biology:
  • Western Blot
  • Histochemistry and cytochemistry
  • Immunefluorescence analysis
  • Flow cytometry analysis (FACS)

RNA –based assays:

  • miRNA profiling
  • Northern Blot
  • Quantitative real time PCR

Cell-based assays

  • Viability assays, colony formation assays
  • Apoptosis assays
  • Chemotherapy activity (IC50)
  • Luciferase and Cell Titre Glo

RNAi –specific

  • Screening and selection of lead siRNA candidates
  • Assessment of RNAi delivery technologies
  • siRNA/shRNA technology evaluation


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